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Construction and renovation permit

In addition to disseminating information on urban planning regulations, the Urban Planning Department is responsible for issuing building permits and certificates of authorization as well as building inspections. It also ensures the control and application of urban planning regulations, including zoning, subdivision, construction and architecture.

Note that several types of work that you may wish to undertake on a property may require obtaining a permit or certificate of authorization. This work requires approval before work begins.

  • The construction of a new building or a fixed structure (garage, shed, veranda, patio, etc.);
  • The modification, renovation and expansion of an existing building;
  • Installation of a swimming pool
  • Moving or demolishing a building;
  • The change of use of an immovable;
  • Installation of signs;
  • The felling of trees;

We therefore advise you to first contact the Urban Planning Department before undertaking any work project in order to verify the need for such permits or certificates as well as the normative provisions to be respected. It will be our pleasure to examine the viability of your projects.

If you have undertaken work before having received authorization from the municipality, you are in violation and penal causes may be applied.

You can send your questions and your permit requests to our inspector at the following email address or go to the municipal office during business hours.

Consult the regulations

Urban planning regulations

Consult the “Urban planning regulations” section on the “By-laws” page.